Important Technical Information - Please Read

We'd like to go over several pieces of technical information with you so you are fully prepared to have a great experience on Saturday.  There will be a lot of emotion flowing as the band is playing their first show together since 2019 and we do not want you to miss a minute of it.

Why Not On StageIt?
We are hosting the full band livestream on GetBackUp.tv because the system is solid and does not have the technical issues that many experience on StageIt.  The system is built on HTML5, so it is mobile responsive and should work on all modern browsers on computers, phones, and tablets.  Please make sure your web browser on your computer is up-to-date.  If you are using a 2017 version of Chrome you are at risk of having issues versus using a 2020 version of Chrome.

How Do I Log In To Watch?  Do I Need An Access Code?
You do not need any access code to watch the livestream if you've purchased a livestream ticket.  However you MUST be logged into your account to view your purchase(s) and view the content.  See below steps for logging in:

- go to www.getbackup.tv
- click Sign In in the top right corner
- if from phone, choose the hamburger menu (three lines) and select Sign In
Sign In using your email and password
- Once signed in you will see My Library.  If you have purchased multiple pieces of content click See All
- Find the Livestream Ticket and click on it.  Prior to 6pm Central you will see a countdown clock.  Between 6pm - 8pm you will see a livestream loop of behind the scenes content.  At 8pm the show will begin.  If after 6pm you do not see live video, refresh your screen.

Watching Using AppleTV
GetBackUp.tv is compatible with Apple's Airplay, so you can stream from an iPhone or iPad to an AppleTV.

Watch Using Google Chromecast
GetBackUp.tv is compatible with Google Chromecast, so you can stream from an Android device to a Chromecast device plugged into your TV.
Web Casting Apps To Your TV
A member of our Blue Family has pointed out there are several "web casting" apps/services available for casting your phone/tablet/browser video to your television.  We're listing some below:

Web Video Caster
- search App Store or Google Play store for app
- go towww.webvideocaster.com

- search App Store or Google Play store for app

We have not personally tested either of these so cannot endorse them completely and do not know if they will cause any lag on your stream.  But they do have strong ratings and reviews.

If you search Video Web Cast in the App Store or Google Play store you'll find several other alternatives.  As with other options, please test any of these well prior to show start time.

Can I Watch Using A SmartTV Browser?
At this time, there are no official TV apps for GetBackUp.tv, but they will be coming later this year.  Some have had luck using the built in web browsers on Amazon Firestick, Roku, and various SmartTVs, however the system is not technically supported on any of those.  There is a wide array of browser types and versions across those devices - some will work and some will not.  If you wish to use one of these browsers we strongly advise you test it in advance by logging into your account and streaming a piece of content you already own or log in a couple hours prior to the show as we are looping the behind the scenes content to test.  Do not watch one of the free videos and think you are good to go, you need to test that you can log into your GetBackUp.tv account using one of these browsers.  Please do not log in 5 minutes before the show on one of these browsers and get upset that they do not work.

Watch On TV Using An HDMI Cable
Many modern computers have HDMI outputs.  To connect your computer to your TV using HDMI, merely plug an HDMI cable from your computer to your television and select the proper input source on your television.  To see full screen make sure you make your browser full screen on your computer.  If your computer does not have HDMI out, but instead has USB-C - you can find USB-C to HDMI adapters at stores like Best Buy.  Additionally you can find Lightning to HDMI adapters to connect your iPhone or iPad to a television using an HDMI cable.

I'm Logged In, But Hear No Audio or See No Video
As stated above, GetBackUp.tv is built on modern infrastructure.  99% of audio and/or video issues are local issues and not an issue with the livestream.  We have a team constantly monitoring the health of the livestream and if there is an issue we will resolve it.  Local issues can include any of the following:  slow internet speed, outdated web browser or older computer, computer audio on mute or connected to a different source than you are listening through, computer memory or hard drive storage being full.  Please test your equipment well prior to show time.

I've Already Purchased A Ticket, Why Is It Asking Me To Purchase Again?
To view the livestream and any rented or purchased content on GetBackUp.tv you must be Signed In to your account.  If you are not signed in, they system will assume you have no account and offer to sell you content.  See the above instructions regarding how to sign into your account.