How To Redeem A Digital Gift Certificate


Congratulations, you've received a digital gift certificate code and now are ready to redeem it.  Please follow the instructions below as redeeming gift codes in the system is a bit different than you might be used to when purchasing physical goods on other sites.

To redeem your gift code please go through this process. If you are gifting your code to someone else please forward the code and the below instructions to that person.

Your gift code is NOT like a coupon code. You will not use it during a normal checkout process. The process is to redeem the gift code and add the balance to your gift balance within your GBU account and then that balance will be available to you during the Get Access Now process of checking out.

Go here:
Enter your redemption code and follow the prompts to Sign In to your account to redeem.  If you do not already have an account the system will allow you to create an account.  When you redeem the code it is essentially depositing the funds from the code to your account.  You'll then have those funds available when you check out with content.

After you have redeemed the gift code you will then need to click Get Access Now on whatever content you wish to purchase. As you go through the checkout process you will see your Gift Balance available - you will use that balance for your purchase and no credit card will be necessary unless your balance due is greater than your gift card balance.

Should you have any issues you can reach out to use at and we will assist.